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Are You Too Busy Or Is Health Not A Priority?

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Are You Actually Too Busy?


Allow me to ask you a question: Do you have time for your health? Are you too busy or is health and fitness simply not on your priority list? How many times have you said that you do not have enough time to do something? Granted, we live in a society that is severely poor in terms of time. However, if we re-examine the things that take up our time, we’ll quickly realize that we make time for what is important to us. If we want to lose weight and get fit bad enough, we will make time for it whether it’s at home or at the gym. If we want to eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle, we’ll make time for it as well. 


The time we have in a day should be prioritized accordingly, listing the most important tasks of the day. Never look at taking care of your health as a chore or a task you need to cross off. Instead, think of it this way: without proper health, you will be unproductive and experience constant fatigue. If you want to be successful, you have to include taking care of your health in your list of priorities.


 Right now, you may still be on the fence about it. You’re probably thinking that claiming we all have the time to take care of our health needs is a bit of a stretch. However, according to Laurie A. Watkins, it’s not. Laurie A. Watkins is the author of the book, Go From Stressed to Strong. In her book, she shares how she went from only getting a few hours of sleep every night to achieving all her fitness goals. With a demanding job and schedule, health was the last thing she ever thought about, until she decided to change things around. Below, are a couple of ways to work around a busy schedule and still take care of your health.


 Change your mindset:

 Saying that you don’t have time for anything is another way of saying that you don’t consider it a priority. We always make time for what we care about or consider worth our time and effort. Therefore, changing your mindset about health and fitness is the first step to any real change. Start by accepting the fact that if you fail to take care of your health, you fail to take care of your own ability to be productive. Neglecting your health will cause your physical, mental and emotional well- being to suffer. 


Do it early in the morning: 

Admittedly, once the sun comes up and its time to get to work, it gets really hectic. Hence, try and wake up at least an hour earlier and get some exercise in. Gyms and personal training studios often open early for those that prefer to exercise early. If you live in Houston, Texas, OTG Fitness is one of the top gym studios that offers an accommodating schedule for everyone. You can also use this time to prepare healthy meals to carry to work and for when you come home. 


Set boundaries:

 Always avoid taking up too many tasks than you can handle. If you know you have too much on your plate, then do not be afraid to say no. Set clear boundaries and be consistent. This will ensure that you do not end up overworked and also have time to visit the gym.


Commit Fully:

If you truly want results, you have to commit. Unfortunately, the only way to do is is to do it.

If you need that something to commit to, you may consider at 8 week program with OTG Fitness. You may or may not be a good fit, but you can find out by clicking HERE to fill out a quick application that will help us figure that out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]