Go Out and Enjoy

Don’t Bring it Home

Know that feeling you get when you want something really sweet? Something that you know is not within your healthy diet and might even make you feel bad later? But you want it anyway?

I know I do. But one thing I don’t do is bring those types of things into the house. When you bring the blue bell home, it makes it extremely easy to give into temptation on Wednesday night after a long day at work.

As strong as we all think we are, when temptation hits, it is an overwhelming feeling of need. Fighting that feeling when your fix is a few steps away and only guarded by the safety seal of your freezer is next to impossible.

Go Out and Enjoy

Your best bet is to keep things like this out of your house and only “go out” for them. Yes it may cost more in dollars to do this, but I guarantee it will cost a lot less in calories. It will also lead to more happiness in the end (which is what having more money is all about anyways right?)  The happiness you feel will come from a combination of things. You'll feel good about your own decision making for one. You will usually find more pleasure in going out as well.  And since you find so much more pleasure in your experience with this food you enjoy so much, you’ll also be able to withstand being without for much longer.

Don't Stress it

As you know, your health based diet should mostly be comprised of whole foods that you and your family make at home. Taking a night off every once in awhile and enjoying some time out will not hurt you in the long term though. Realizing it's not crushing your diet and understanding that you just need to get right back on track tomorrow is very important for your mental health. Be sure to keep that in mind!

Make an attempt to enhance the experience of "getting off your diet."  Take your family, go to a special spot with your pleasure food, make it memorable.

Just please, don’t bring it home.

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Don't Let it Control You

It Can be Simple

Far too many people think that living a healthy lifestyle means letting your workout routine and food choices control your life. It is simply not true and the exact opposite actually is.

There is a famous quote that I’m sure you’ve heard before, “Discipline equals freedom”.

When we create discipline, especially with health and fitness, it opens our entire life to more freedom. I think it is especially true in this scenario because food is around us all the times so making good nutrition choices in is the ultimate discipline. By sacrificing a little bit up front and creating the discipline, it will allow your healthy lifestyle to thrive.

There are many ways this can be done (and I’ve tried several). My personal favorite and how I’ve decided is the best FOR ME, is fasting. Fasting is simply not taking in any calories for extended amounts of time. There are many opinions on this method and some think it’s so unhealthy to not eat for more than a few hours. I have noticed though, that those are often the same people that eat fast food and snack cakes all the time. Sometimes, trying to always be “optimal” is useless if you can’t even do the basics.

Try This

Pick a time that is somewhere between 12 and 16 hours after dinner and tell yourself that you’re going to wait until that time to eat. During that fasting time, feel free to drink as much water as you feel you can. You can even have a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee . Here’s the secret though, actually do it!! This is your first small win! The discipline you create and feeling of well being for reaching a goal is the first step towards your healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry about the fine details beyond this. Focus on 1 step at a time. Because if you can’t do step 1, why worry about anything else?