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About OTG Fitness

OTG Fitness is more than a gym. It is a place that you can come be a part of a movement. A movement that is showing everyone it is possible to reach your goals in health and fitness. A movement that is proving the gym is not a place to feel scared or intimidated. It is our mission to provide an environment that allows you to not only feel comfortable, but confident in yourself and your abilities.

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Meet Fillipe Silvas

Fillipe’s story is not one that started in health and fitness. He actually went through high school as the “fat kid” with no confidence. Even after losing a parent to ill health, it still took him a couple years to realize how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle really is. After committing to fitness at age 19, his life began to change and a few short years later decided to start helping others commit to the same change he did. After almost 3 years as a part time personal trainer, he decided to leave his full time position as an operations manager and open OTG Fitness. He considers his specialty to be in weight loss and lifestyle transformations.

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