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[Step 3] of 7 Steps to Greatness

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“I lost 75 pounds 100% because of diet.” ~Fillipe

Alright guys…

Fillipe back here at OTG Fitness in Webster, Texas!

Today we’re going to go to Day #3 of the 7 Steps to Greatness.

Steps 1 and 2 were centered mostly around mindset things; deciding that you want to do this and actually committing to it and continuing and make sure you don’t quit on it.

We talked about the only 2 decisions you can really make are either you ‘Do’ or you ‘Don’t’…and then we also talked about these people here in the middle…

Day #3 is what you’re ACTUALLY here for!

Actionable things!

You know you want to:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Feel Better

…whatever your individual goal is, today’s advice will help you take action on it!

Watch the full video above!


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